Project 15 before 30: No 3.

I did my third shoot this Friday for my 15 shoots before 30 project. Now that we’re in February, I realize I need to start picking up in pace if I want to finish. The theme this time is “Home”, which was suggested by Rakia.  I’ve actually thought about this theme a lot in the past, so I knew exactly what I wanted to shoot for this one.


For a long while, I’ve contemplated the meaning of home and how it’s changed over time. Coping with “coming home” after a life of independence at college, getting used to creating my own home with B and saying goodbye to my family home this year when my parents finally moved away. With all these life changes, it feels like a rather appropriate topic for this project. In fact, I’m currently working on a series around this concept. So this is a good start.


I’ve grown to appreciate creating props. While I can Photoshop up a storm, sometimes it’s more fun when most of the image is pretty close to how it was shot in the camera. So the house and its roots are mostly real, created by adding decorative moss to a miniature house I purchased a year ago.

I have two shoots (maybe 3) planned for this week in hopes of making some headway…

Wish me luck.


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Designer by day, photographer whenever I have the time.

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