Project 15 before 30: No. 2 (Food)

My project has been a bit slow to start, but I’m sticking with it. I’ve found that jumping around the themes rather than sticking to a list has made it much easier on me and my busy schedule.

I found time Tuesday and Wednesday to do shoot number 2, which is inspired by the suggested theme “food” and “favorite food” [thanks Ottilie and Margaret!]. Yes, tea is more of a beverage – but after a lot of thought, I realized that it is definitely high on my list of favorites. Tea has a special place in my heart – tied to childhood memories as my mother (and numerous aunts) often suggested tea for a solution for all that ails you. Being raised by British Commonwealth parents (Guyana and Barbados) made me appreciate a good cup of tea over coffee any day. Plus the snacks that one eats with tea (cheese, crackers, cookies) only makes me love it more.

I’ll admit I’ve wanted to shoot this concept for a while – after learned about the Moroccan tea ceremony during a Geography Club meeting, a group that is sadly no longer active (yes, I belonged to this as an adult and it was wonderful). In the ceremony, you boil the tea three times. And each time, it becomes sweeter and weaker than the last. The saying goes…”the first cup bitter as death, the second cup intense as life, and the third cup sweet as love”. So I started with the first cup…

deathlytea_1_web tea_black_1_web

I shot the still life first and then took the portrait the day after. It was a lot of fun to do still life again and I have plans to do more – in fact I’ll be posting photos from the “sweet” tea shoot tomorrow.

The mini skull was neat little prop – sculpted with paperclay and suspended in the cup. I’m not the best sculptor, but it looked pretty good and held up long enough to last two shoots before falling apart slowly. So alas it is no more.


The silliest part of the shoot was how I got the armchair into my little basement studio. Our apartment was built to 1920s standards, so to avoid falling down the basement stairs with an oversized chair, I took to the street, carting the chair upside down on my head as I went around the corner to access our garage from the front. I’m sure I looked crazy to my neighbors and anyone on the street (but who am I kidding, my garage window is often open during shoots and I’ve seen plenty of amused looks when people spot me) but it was much better than trying to get down our stairs.

Two down, thirteen shoots to go.

What’s the next theme? – it all depends on what opportunity presents itself next…


About dream24seven

Designer by day, photographer whenever I have the time.


  1. Great concept and great pictures – your lippie is on point too! I’m enjoying watching your project unfold.

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