Project 15 before 30: No 1.

It begins.

I got a lot of great theme suggestions for my project. I had to consolidate a few of them and kept a few extras on the list as alternates. I’ve posted the full list below (in no particular order) and will draw inspiration from them as I do each shoot.

So the first photo of my project was a theme I had picked – favorite color. I knew immediately that I wanted to use the color red. I have a lot of favorite colors, but red is the one I see popping up the most in my work, so it felt like the right way to start my project.


Red immediately makes me think of fairytales and I liked the idea of a woman in red offering an apple. The act could be something sinister disguised as an act of kindness – like the evil queen in Snow White.  I prefer to leave it open to intepretation.

I’ll admit I had a rocky start to my project. I was supposed to shoot this weekend, but other projects, bad weather and exhaustion kept me from doing much. So I took advantage of a short work day to take a photo with the remaining light of the day. Nothing is more annoying than trying to shoot as the light is dying. Even worse is trying to set up a camera and run back and forth to pose while balancing on a sloping, muddy “yard” in kitten heels. In hindsight, I could have ditched the heels, but time was running out, so I did my best. Only 20 minutes in I had to stop shooting because the light was gone. Thankfully I captured a few decent photos – including the one above. Next time, I’ll try to shoot before sunset or at least use lights.

Theme Suggestions (thanks everyone!):

1. Fantasy
2. Typography
3. Home
4. Teen vs 30s
5. Favorite food / Food
6. Rain
7. Textures
8. Octopus
9. Kaleidoscope
10. Past lives in a mirror
11. Persuasion
12. First day of school
13. Danger/Adventure
14. Emerging from a chrysalis
15. Magic beanstalk
16. Recreate my grandparents wedding photo
17. Dreams

Next photo for the project will be the second theme I picked – “my deadly sin”. Then I’ll start tackling the list.


About dream24seven

Designer by day, photographer whenever I have the time.


  1. Unusual composition, which works very well. Adrian

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