15 Before 30


So I turn the big 3-0 in 45 days. And I want to commemorate that milestone in my life in a special way. There isn’t much time for me to travel abroad, I’m low on funds and let’s face it, I want an excuse to take more photos. So I’ve decided to do 15 photoshoots, starting January 11th, until my birthday on February 24th.

15 shoots before 30. I know 30 photos before 30 would be more symmetrical, but I only have 45 days and I want to be realistic. And we’re not talking cellphone selfies or instagram snapshots – I mean professional, edited and well thought out images in my usual style. So the more time I can give myself for each photo the better.

For each of the shoots, I’ll be inspired by a theme (color, book, word, memory, etc). The first two themes are:

  1. Favorite Color
  2. My deadly sin

But I need help coming up with the rest of my themes, so I’m posting here, on Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr and twitter and asking for ideas for the 13 other shoots. It could be a word, a book, a period of time, etc. Submit your theme in any of those places and I’ll select the best ones for my 15 – ongoing until I have all spots filled. So if you submitted “what’s your favorite book?”, I would use the book as the inspiration for the shoot. Or if you just offered the number “9”, I’d try to incorporate it into the photo. You get the idea.

So send me your themes. Like I said, I’ll keep updating the list as I pick them until the list is full. If there are some really good ones, I might even use more than one theme per shoot.

15 before 30 Theme List:

  1. Favorite Color
  2.  My deadly sin




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Designer by day, photographer whenever I have the time.

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