Adorama Delivery

So a week ago, I decided to get myself a few photography treats (I consider them Xmas gifts to myself) from Adorama and they finally arrived. I came home to this big ol’ box in our front doorway:

Adorama Box

Wonder what is inside? Well read on to find out…

Inside of that giant box, were a few more boxes:

Opening Contents Another Box

What’s that say on the boxes? Does that say “Flashpoint”? and “Speedring”? Let’s dig a bit deeper…

What is this? Battery Pack

That looks a lot like a battery pack and some sort of light fixture. Could it be? Is it possible?


Yep, my pre-holiday gift to myself is a Flashpoint II 320M monolight studio strobe and a portable batter pack (to take it outside).

Also purchased but not pictured (as they did not come from Adorama) are a soft box and flash radio transmitter/receivers.

I’ve worked with studio lights before and with Portland being smack dab in the middle of dreary season (read: that time when it always rains and gets dark early every day, all the time), I knew I was going to be shooting indoors more often. Which meant that I needed something with more power and a faster cycling time than my LumoPro off-camera flashes. I love them, but they’re slow. After a lot of research for something affordable, I came across the Flashpoint II Monolight and decided to invest. If it all works out, I might consider buying a second or even the more powerful 620M model. But for now, this extra bit of power will be fun to experiment with during the dark dank months.

I’ll be posting a review of this monolight in the next day or so, so check back soon.


About dream24seven

Designer by day, photographer whenever I have the time.


  1. mya

    yay! Merry Christmas to you

  2. Time for some pics so we can see what you did with your new gear?

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