I haven’t posted anything new in a while. And I hate it.

Aside from being busy the past two weeks with a side project (that is now done – huzzah!), I’ve been trying to shoot but found myself less than pleased with the results. This has happened both times I’ve found the time to shoot these past two weeks and left me rather disappointed and frustrated. It feels worse than writer’s block or hitting a wall. I have plenty of ideas, but find myself unable to produce them in my photography. It makes me feel as though something is out of place or just gone wrong and I’m waiting for the moment when all this wrong-ness fixes itself and I feel like the next shoot won’t be a waste of time. And to make things worse, I have avoided editing the photos from those shoots- even if they’re much better than they initially seem. I know this feeling will pass and is probably rather immature, but sometimes I need a break from things to get a fresh perspective.


I’ll start working on them tomorrow.





About dream24seven

Designer by day, photographer whenever I have the time.


  1. I’m not giving advice, just sharing my experience. Sometimes when my craft stalls out I ask Ralph or even the kids to help. Sometimes just having a little help from someone else, for a mundane task or not, gets me over a hump in a project. Good luck! &, [ hugs ]

  2. mya

    😦 that’t too bad. I have this problem too. I recently edited a self portrait from June. Remember when we went Sauvie together before Summer. I didn’t like those pictures back then. Looked at it recently and decided it wasn’t too bad. Hope this passes soon for you

  3. Thanks guys.
    Taking a break and speaking to others definitely helps me get over those unpleasant bumps.

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