Inspiration: Christian Gaillard

I’ll admit that I find matadors and their costumes to be absolutely dazzling (not particularly fond of bull-fighting itself). Well, recently I came across the work of a painter named Christian Gaillard, who also found them fascinating enough to paint a beautiful series.

This is just a selection of his work – a lot of which features female and male Matadors posing in incredibly detailed costumes – all looking quite photo realistic. I love the moody lighting as well – it reminds me of Carivaggio, another painter I’m also fond of.

Seriously, just look at that detailing on the costume. The braiding, the embroidery – gah so beautiful. From behind the scenes pictures on his site, it looks like most of his work is enormous (which definitely helps with painting details).

Some day I’d love to make or shoot a photo with a model dressed as a matador – or have a shooting session with a real matador. A girl can dream.

You can see more of his work here:


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  1. Wow. I agree, very beautiful. I too like the imagery and pageantry of bullfighting. Plus you could bounce a quarter off those firm heinies. (too far?) One of my favorite fabrics I worked with was a >a href=””>flamenco / matador yardage from Alexander Henry.

  2. mya

    I thought you made these the first time I looked at it 🙂

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