Week 3: Inner Critic

This has been a complicated week. I’ve been distracted, lost and at odds with myself for most of it. That wonderful inner voice I’ve dubbed “inner critic” has been waging it’s horrible little war. I’ve found myself second guessing my actions, doubting my abilities and generally feeling “not good enough”. So it was all too appropriate that the theme for this week was “Loneliness/Solitude”.

I had a hard time with that theme. I imagined very obvious imagery and threw it all away (thanks inner critic) and decided to create this image instead.

I’m never completely alone. Even when no one else is around – there is that inner voice. My worst enemy and my best friend.  I’ll admit it’s not always bad and occasionally makes me better. But it’s a complicated dance. So it felt only right to show “loneliness” this way. In the end, when you’re alone, you’re alone with yourself.

I did not get to shoot a second themed shoot this week. My back started acting up on Friday and I found myself bed-ridden most of Sunday. I blame my bad desk posture at work. In fact, I have one of those heat-pads strapped to my back to make doing things less uncomfortable. So no burning through themes right now. But I did shoot a freestyle.

This was completely impromptu. I had a half day at work and decided to pack the car with props/camera/costumes in case I found the time to shoot – it was beautifully overcast that morning. As soon as I got out, I headed to Sauvie Island to scout locations. I didn’t find the lake I was looking for, but the nearby forest was so perfect. It looked like it had popped out of a fairytale or folktale. I came back, donned a few sheets and skirts and put this piece together. I stupidly forgot my remote so the whole process involved running back and forth to the beep of a timer. Still, it worked out better than I could have hoped.

I saw some women shooting tin-types in the parking lot to the lake. I watched them work a little, but didn’t bother them long enough to ask more about it. I miss shooting analog. I’ve never done tintypes, but it sounds like a process I’d want to try.

Alright. That’s all for now.


About dream24seven

Designer by day, photographer whenever I have the time.

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  1. Your stuff is always so wonderful. I’m glad you write a bit more about each piece here.

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