Week 1: A New Beginning…

So I made a decision a month ago that I would not be continuing my 366 project (shocking, I know). It was a decision I had to make eventually – I’m too busy and was getting frustrated that I wasn’t producing the work I wanted to produce. I’ve always been a quality over quantity girl. However, I loved the commitment and drive the project gave me and those dry photography-less spells left me feeling empty and like something was missing.

Thankfully, I found a wonderful compromise through one of my Flicker friends (Ottilie S – her work is so much fun, you should take a look) a group called Project 104. Much like the 52 weeks project, except you shoot 2 photos a week for a year (one themed, one freestyle). It’s something I can manage even with my busy schedule.

2/104 – Themed: New Beginning

The photo above is actually the second one I took for the project – partly because I had such a hard time figuring out what to shoot. Beginnings are never easy for me and I’m so obsessed with getting things right that I often focus on the planning/concepting phase longer than the actual shoot. Sometimes things never happen for that very reason. I shot this with window light (I was travelling without my strobes) near dusk on a little bed near a window. All of the crumpled papers were there – somewhere around 160+ photocopied sheets. I plan to use them again – just another thing added to the prop closet.

1/104 – Freestyle: A Circle of Words

This shoot took a lot of planning before it happened, but the results are pretty close to the final idea. We lugged a suitcase full of books and two bags of costumes one afternoon out to Sauvie Island to shoot at Bybee Howell Park (really gorgeous place). Sarau, my model, was a pleasure to work with again and she embodied the character perfectly. I think there is something very magical about reading – and old books. I was inspired by a photo I saw of a fairy-ring and thought it would be perfect to replicate the idea with some of the books I’d been collecting. Sadly, these props will eventually have to return to the library. I plan to use them in a few more shoots before I take them back.


Since the project is weekly, I plan to update at least once a week unless I’m away from my computer. This week will have two posts since I’m posting this set from last week.



About dream24seven

Designer by day, photographer whenever I have the time.

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  1. Beautiful work. I’m glad you found a project that fits your schedule. Those challenges are good, but sometimes I bite off more than is realistic & I’m left feeling discouraged. The challenges that are “right sized” are awesome.

    I look forward to more of your work!

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