Kept Away.


It’s been at least 3 weeks since I last picked up my camera and took a non-snapshot photo. This is becoming a very unpleasant trend in my increasingly busy life – but I have only so much time in the day for my other non-photo related projects and lately there have been a lot. Thankfully I’ve finished most of them now.

One thing that this unplanned hiatus has shown me yet again is that I miss photography being a part of my daily life – even if it’s not every single day. There are those who paint. Some who sing. And for me, it’s grabbing my camera and taking a photo.

So I can say rather confidently, that I will not be completing at 365 at this point in my life – I’m just too busy with a full-time job and various paying side gigs (design, jewelry crafting, etc). I’d like to finish one, but this year is clearly not the year. However, I am planning to do a much simpler project – Project 104 – which is two photos a week for a year. I’m also planning to give the blog a little update so it will make more sense.


And on a different note, one of my pieces, Caffeinated (shown above), is on display in the New Media Festival in LA. The opening was last Thursday, which I was sadly unable to attend, but I’m excited nonetheless. The show runs through August 4th and is located at L.A. Center for Digital Art (102 W. 5th St. | Los Angeles, CA 90013).
That’s all for now.


About dream24seven

Designer by day, photographer whenever I have the time.

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  1. J., it’s always good to have an update from you here. I know how hard it can be to let go of a beloved project. Be kind to yourself!

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