46/366 – Into the Woods

So for my birthday, I had the pleasure of working with model Sarau Morrison. It was a test shoot – so I didn’t plan too extensively – I had my red cape, a mass of apples (for another shoot) and some other props from previous shoots. Revisiting the character of Red Ridinghood seemed like a good fit but I was limited to working in the studio – partially  because I wanted to test it out now that I’d made a few upgrades (I’ll do a full post about that soon) and her availability was mostly nights. [Funnily enough, we shot during the day.]

Bringing the outdoors indoors was as simple as a trip to the “tree pile” in Laurelhurst Park and snagging a few choice branches and carting them home. Making them behave was another story, but we had a good laugh. All in all, the space performed pretty well, but I’ve got a few more issues to work out before I’ll be happy. And I definitely plan to work with Sarau again.

Here’s a preview from the shoot:

Haven’t shot much since then – been busy on those side projects, but they should be wrapping up soon. In the meantime, I’ve been improving my little studio space and catching up with editing. There are 2 shoot waiting to be edited and at least 3 from my last 365. Expect to see some new (old) stuff posted soon.



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