Apologies…(366 Update)

I’ve been gone for the past two weeks far away from my camera and Flickr, lost in a world of tinkering and making pretty baubles with little to no sleep. I’ve not given up on my project, just need to delay it a little bit.

Although I haven’t been able to take many photos (I managed to sneak in a photoshoot, which will be posted soon), it did give me time to think and reflect about photography, future projects, etc.

I intend to continue my 366. I want to finish one. But I will have to do it at my own pace – even if that means sometimes taking one photo a week or multiple photos in a day. I have to accept that I am busy, work a full-time week and have side projects that also require my time. Trying to shoot everyday just isn’t going to work for me. I end up producing something that is below my standards or I make something I had no desire to make, losing sleep and sanity in the process. And for what? For Flickr fans? I don’t know how many people actually look at my work there, so at the end of the day, I have to be happy with what I post. I started this 366 to explore my style and build my portfolio – and I full intend to do so.

With that said, I plan to post my unedited photos first (which are currently behind) and then catch up by taking photos for any of the missing dates. After that point, I will number each photo in the order as they are posted (i.e., no skipped days). It’ll probably take me longer than a year to finish, but hopefully at the end I’ll have work I’m proud of.
That’s all for now.



About dream24seven

Designer by day, photographer whenever I have the time.

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