Week 5, Days 29-35

This week was annoying. I found myself in the same room for nearly all of the photos. And if it had been any other room in the house, it would have been nice, but it was the bathroom. The smallest place in our whole apartment! It’s becoming pretty clear that I need to return to the garage studio and get it into working order. I could use the extra space.

Day 29 – Borrowed the BF’s fake skull as a model. We usually store candy in his skull, so I’m sure he appreciated a bath. I had never tried milk in water before, but I love the atmospheric effect.  I’ll be working with him again.

Day 30 – Home sick. It sucked. Spent most of the day sleeping and downing cough syrup. I mustered up enough energy to take a few shots with my fixed lens. Still working on getting the right focus in self portraits with this lens.

Day 31 – Back in the bathroom again. I shot something else the day before, but hated it so much, I took this test shot from the Day 32. I actually like it.

Day 32 – I delayed this shoot because I was sick and covering yourself with colored icing doesn’t sound like fun when you have a headache and terrible cold. This was inspired by a My Face Is My Canvas Flickr group challenge. I opted for icing because it’s much easier to wash out than paint and it was so damn delicious. Not quite as opaque as I wanted, but the colors turned out nicely.

Day 35 – Yeah, I just plain ol’ skipped Thursday and Friday as I was busy both nights with the 100 show and spending time handling my other commitments. Saturday was gorgeous so I decided to go location scouting on Sauvie Island – if you haven’t been there, you should visit – so many farms, fields, old barns and wildlife. You do have to get a permit if you want to park anywhere that isn’t designated (so anywhere that isn’t privately owned, a farm or winery), but it’s only $7 and available at any local store. This shoot didn’t exactly turn out how I imagined it in my head, but it’ll do.

On that note, I have a lot of catching up to do to stay on track for 366. As of today, I’m 10 days behind. To catch up, I’ll be shooting extras on top of my regular days and posting them when they’re done.

Should be fun.


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