A Frustrating Start, Day 23 to 25

This week started with a lot of frustration. I had great ideas, but when it came to execute…nothing, nada, fail. But this is why I’m doing this project. Making myself shoot every single day has forced me to get out of my head, stop imagining what I’d like to shoot and actually do it. For better or worse.

You’ll note that I skip right to day 23. Let’s just say that Sunday was a failure and I have no desire to post that photo. So let’s move on to Monday. What started out with complications, eventually resulted in the photo above, which was, believe it or not, the one photo of the set that actually came out how I wanted.

Again, I had a completely different photo planned for day 24, but that idea needed natural light to work. I’ve been working on creating a studio equivalent of natural light, but it’s incredibly difficult and I didn’t have the means. So I decided to play around with my diffuser and a lantern instead. I really like the effect this created – sort of ethereal and dreamlike. I hope to revisit this style again in the future.

On day 25, I had some success. I actually managed to produce what I had conceived in my head. Not exactly, mind you, but the concept is still the same. I used gold acrylic paint mixed with glue for the tear, as it started to dry out, I realized that paint (or glue) in the eye is not good for someone who wears contacts. Still it was worth the aftermath.

So things are looking up for the week.

In other news, I submitted a two prints to a charity show they’re throwing at the Wieden+Kennedy Portland gallery next month – The 100 show- which benefits MercyCorp. All the art will be $100, with 50% of the proceeds go to the charity. I’ll post more about it once it’s actually announced.


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Designer by day, photographer whenever I have the time.

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