New Year. Two Projects. Resolutions.

Welcome, 2012. You’re supposed to be the end of days, but I’m going to put a positive spin on this and consider you a year of rebirth and new things. Besides, I highly doubt it’ll be the end of days…I hope…(crosses fingers).

Anyway, so I’ve made a few updates to the blog and my project. This year I’m trying the 365 project again – 366* because it’s a leap year – and I’ve decided to add a second project: 52 weeks of design. The goal of the second project is to force encourage myself to do more design this year. I’ve let myself get a little rusty and that’s not so good for me in the long run. So alongside taking a photo a day for a year, I will also be doing a design project each week.

It’ll be fun. I promise.

Now onto some resolutions because that’s what you do at the start of each New Year, while you still remember that it’s the New Year and you’re supposed to be changing yourself for the better.

1. Take more risks – in photography, life, etc – I’ve become accustomed to routine and playing it safe. That’s silly and makes for a very boring life and year. It’ll be uncomfortable, strange and scary to take a risk, but the few times I did that last year, it ended up being fun and exhilarating.

2. Submit More Work – I really want to enter my work in contests, apply for more gallery shows and send stuff to magazines. It’s one thing to make work, but it’s important to get it out there and let others see it.

3. Shoot Less Self-Portraits – I never really did self-portraits before the first 365, but now that’s all I do. I miss photographing other people and so I need to push myself to get comfortable doing that again. [On that note, if you’re in the Portland/Seattle area and want to shoot, drop me a note and let’s try to set something up.]

4. Travel (more) – Portland is great, but I love travel and miss doing it. So far San Francisco is on the list, maybe I’ll visit a few more places before 2012 is over. A roadtrip, perhaps?

5. Design (more) – Of course that’s why I’m doing the 52 week project, but beyond that I want to consider design as another outlet to express my ideas.

6. Create by the Seat of My Pants – I often avoid doing a shoot because I don’t have the right set up, there’s no light or I need a “particular” item. No more of that. I’m a crafty lady and I’m becoming more lazy and less crafty. So this year, no more lame excuses when most things can be solved by paper, glue/tape and imagination.

Yep…so that’s the plan.

Bring it 2012.


*For those of you wondering where the photography is – I’ve been taking a photo each day so far, but haven’t been able to upload them. I’m also planning to do more mass uploading and less daily uploading – it made everything take longer. So expect some photos soon.


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