I haven’t shot anything in 2 months…so why is my Flickr blowing up?

This morning and throughout the day I began to notice a great deal of activity on my Flickr. Of course this seemed very odd, because I have not posted anything in months. I’ve been too busy.

So I checked to see if I’d been Explored – yes that holy grail of unexplainable awesomeness that is being chosen (at random) by the Flickr gods to be one of the few – nope, according to the go to site I have not been Explored.

So what could it be?

Was it because I commented on another Flickrites photo? Maybe, but it’s never had a response like that before.

No…it was this :

My photo was included on the Flickr blog! Of course I only figured this out when I noticed the little side bar on the main page and decided to look at the featured photos. It was a very nice surprise to be included with the rest of these fine photos.

I guess playing around with “flour” (in my case it was baby powder) and the subsequent clean up was worth it.


About dream24seven

Designer by day, photographer whenever I have the time.


  1. Very cool, congrats on the Flickr explosion!

  2. Very cool, congrats on the Flickr explosion!

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