I’ve been away….

So things have been busy. Okay, maybe that doesn’t quite sum it up accurately. They’ve been super-dee-duper busy with a side of you-wont-have-time-for-anything-else. On top of work, I was occupied with a few wholesale orders, costumes for Steamcon (which I will properly photograph and put up soon) and general house stuff.

Somehow, I’ve had a few glimmering moments of free time to take a photo or two. Had life not gotten in the way again, I would have blogged these photos in a timely manner, but better now than never.


Taken in September. This was a test shot for another shoot I have planned. I took a big piece of red sheer fabric for the headpiece and the stripe around my eyes was a mix of lipstick and face paint. It’s simple, but I really like the striking contrast of the red with everything else.


Also taken in September. It was raining outside and I was not feeling so great, but I saw all the golden leaves on the ground and had to take a photo. So I put on a coat, a long yellow shirt and some shorts and ran outside. The neighbors probably thought I was crazy – rolling around on the grass – but I really love how it turned out. However, I did not love that I put my hand in dried dog poo.


I took this last week – it was an impromptu test for a photo that was going to be taken by someone else. Our work has a local studio take portraits of us – they can be silly, serious, sexy, whatever. One person dressed like Lady Gaga and posed with a keytar. Another person went all “American Beauty” and covered himself in rose petals. It’s really up to the person. I was originally going to go Mad Men-6os style with a cocktail dress and a drink, but my dress no longer fit (…yeah I need to hit the gym). So I decided to use my giant white Afro and stick paper airplanes in my hair. Why? Because if I ever wore an Afro to school (which I did not),  it would have been huge and people would have used for target practice – which would amuse me to no end. The photographer loved the idea and even added a pencil to his version. It was weird being photographed by someone else, but I had a really good time. Can’t wait to see how the final photos turn out.

I’m really hoping that things will quiet down soon and I’ll be able to get back to shooting more often. Plus, I have a few shoots in planning stages with models and I’d love to have time for that.


About dream24seven

Designer by day, photographer whenever I have the time.


  1. the last picture is my favorite! so cute:)

  2. Love these! Sorry about the dried dog poo. Was it white, or regular?

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