Recap from Vancouver Lake and mini-update.


So sure enough I’ve been gone. I’ve been busy with re-organizing my recently dis-organized home and getting used to a new routine. I’ve nearly missed all of August and I hate it. I hate not taking photos and I hate being too tired and unmotivated to take them. I promise there will be photos soon and I’ll start back with my 365 where I left off.

In the meanwhile, I leave you with a few of the finished photos from my shoot on 7/31 at Vancouver Lake:

Vancouver Lake is a funny place to me. I searched for it once 3 years ago without even glancing at a map. I think I drove north from my parents house in SE Vancouver, figuring I’d eventually run into it. Silly, of course, but I did find some wonderful bits of farmland.

Years later, I actually took the time to look at a map and this time my little trip was fruitful. Somewhere to the west of Vancouver city, near the port, is a state park complete with a lake, multiple trails, wild-life preserves and old world charm. The perfect spot for a period themed shoot.

Jenn and Paris were wonderful. None of us had a plan, except that I would bring a suitcase full of period costumes (mostly my own), a few props and some photo equipment. While the costumes needed some adjustments to fit my  much slimmer models, I was quite pleased with the results.

I definitely plan to visit Vancouver lake again to shoot more photos  – probably something personal for my 365 and hopefully utilizing the lake.


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