Stuck in a Rut…

I haven’t posted anything this week (yet). And I’m willingly admitting to it. For a while I thought about cheating to catch up, but the problem is I haven’t had the time. And when I do have the time, I hit a wall.

I feel uninspired. Correction – I have ideas but feel I can’t do them justice. Everything seems to get in the way – my body, my financial limits, my schedule, etc. I’ve had a few failed shoots over the last two days and I’ve refused to post them out of shame. Of course my inner critic will tell me these are all sad excuses, but this is the same inner critic that also tears my ideas to shreds and reminds me of my limits on a daily basis.

It’s funny because this 365 project had become my release for stress. And now because I’ve been thinking too hard – it’s become yet another source of stress. And I can’t have that.

So I need to do something drastic. I have to get outside my comfort zone and let myself try and fail. I’m not going to write what I plan to do because it will kill all the spontaneaity. But sometime tonight (because I won’t be available before then), I’m going to pick up my camera and go shoot something.

Wish me luck.


About dream24seven

Designer by day, photographer whenever I have the time.

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