87-89/365 – Photos from Hoquiam

So here are the promised pictures from my trip to Hoquiam for the July 4th holiday. I definitely didn’t shoot as much as I would have liked – this town is rife with great photo locations – but I am still not acquainted enough with where things are or how to get them. Next visit, I plan to enlist the BF’s help (it’s his home town…he should know it after all). But I was able to visit the nearby forest trail (where I shot the photo above). It’s not perfect by any means -the light kept shifting, I couldn’t get the right set up – but it was impromptu anyway and the mosquitoes eventually chased us out.

I also failed quite a bit when it came to picking the right time to shoot. It was as if being outside of Portland knocked the sense out of me. I went out at 3pm to shoot – yes, 3pm with the sun high in the sky. To redeem myself slightly, my original plan involved shooting in a darkened forest, but that fell through and I wandered onto a few nearby shores, rail tracks and logging sites. Of course lighting was not ideal by any means. [Photo tip:  Overcast and Cloudy days are best for shooting because the shadows are diffused. Evening and early morning are also better because the sunlight is not direct.]

Somehow I regained my senses after 30 minutes of fruitlessness and returned to the BF’s childhood home. In fact, I ended up shooting in his room (see below) the third day we were there.

I love this trunk. I wish it was mine – the end.

And finally, as we were leaving, we spent a bit of time in his mother’s garden – which is awesome BTW. I wanted to shoot out there before but never found the chance (another thing I plan to rectify next visit). I was sadly without a tripod when the photo below was taken (as I’d packed it away), so I had to content myself with a “downward foot shot”.

So long story short. I came. I took some (ok) photos. I will be back.

I promise.


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