83/365 – Let’s add 10 days…

This photo was taken at least a week ago, before I became swamped with preparations for my first craft fair of the season. I was inspired by a photo from the Flickr group “My Face is My Canvas” and some beautiful purple flowers I’ve seen in the neighborhood. Emulating the flower was easy – purple wig and some large leaves I “borrowed” from a neighbor’s front yard. The bees are courtesy of the interwebs and some Photoshop. The “pollen” is another story. I don’t have colorful eyeshadows – at least not in yellow – so I used mustard powder instead.

I can safely say from experience that this was a stupid, stupid thing to do. It might not have shown on my face when I took the photo, but mustard powder eyeshadow = pain (and lots of sneezing). Thankfully, I removed the stuff as soon as I was done shooting and my eye is fine.

Note to self- buy some colorful eyeshadow and stop raiding the kitchen.

And because I’ve missed so many days  for my 365, I’ve decided to continue from 83 instead of starting at 93. Yes, I’m taking 10 days onto my 365, but I hate the idea of missing that many days in a row when it wasn’t something I had too much control over.


About dream24seven

Designer by day, photographer whenever I have the time.


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  2. What a great photo, you’d have no idea there was so much pain involved. You’re one stoic (& talented) Flickrite!

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