72/365 – Cloud Week

This week is going downhill fast. I was so busy Sunday that I didn’t even touch a camera. Then Monday, I woke up with a really bad charlie horse and spent the rest of the day limping. And finally on Tuesday I had the pleasure of what I call “caffeine poisoning” because I tried to remedy a lack of sleep with a LOT of caffeine. I may have felt high, god-like and suddenly able to reason everything, but I was crashing by the end of the day. Somehow I forced myself to take a photo – and with a cloud no less.

On Flickr, I announced that this week would be Cloud Week (albeit with a late start). My goal is to use clouds and cloud like objects in the rest of my photos through Sunday. Why? They’re a simple prop that’s fairly available to me. Plus I like clouds. It’s an easy way to make something normal seem very surreal.

And for the folks who have asked for a cloud tutorial, I’m working on one using the materials from this shoot. I also plan to post a few behind the scenes shots from some of my other cloud shoots.

So that’s the plan. Cloud week.


About dream24seven

Designer by day, photographer whenever I have the time.

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