62/365 – Macro, baby!

Look at that beautiful macro. I can see my fingerprint ridges and that is pretty damned nifty. However, these wonderful results are not due to some expensive macro lens or a bunch of photoshop – it’s all thanks to a $10 macro extension tube I bought from Fotodiox on Amazon (totally not an ad, just my way of letting folks know where they can get their own – the link is for the Nikon, but they also sell them for Pentax, Olympus, Canon, etc).

It’s pretty simple idea. You separate your lens from the camera body with the extension tube and the distance amplifies the refraction from the lens giving you the ability to focus on much smaller things. One thing to note, it’s much easier to use the tube with a lens that has a manual aperture ring (the photo above was taken with my old SLR Pentax 28-80mm). I tried my DSLR lenses and unfortunately when not attached to the camera the aperture defaults to 22 or 32, whatever your smallest closure is, which makes viewing and focusing incredibly hard unless you’re working with hot lights.

Note: Check back soon for comparison photos.


About dream24seven

Designer by day, photographer whenever I have the time.

One comment

  1. I WANT A MACRO LENS and I want it for the same price! Share, share Jamila! lol…… I love your blog. You’ve inspired me to grab the camera tomorrow regardless of what I have going on! We all have something to share and why not do that with a photo! LOVE IT!!!

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