61/365 – One down, two to go.

Huzzah! It’s time for the long weekend. It was a half-day at work so I got off early. My first willing victim (ahem, subject) was my wonderful roommate. The shoot went really well and we quickly took it from controlled to beautiful chaos (captured in my photo above). The white stuff you see everywhere is baby powder – one of my favorite tools for creating clouds of smoke and ambient effects in the air. Before we started my little studio space was already coated with a fine layer of the stuff, but instead of removing it, I decided to do one last all out powder war before I did my final clean up. So between Jean and myself, we emptied 1.5 bottles of baby powder on the floor and ourselves. Good times.

I haven’t had a chance to edit the photos from Jean’s shoot yet, but will post them up as soon as they’re done.


About dream24seven

Designer by day, photographer whenever I have the time.

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  1. This page needs a LIKE button. I love this…. the look in your eyes…. priceless and a bit hilarious!

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