56/365 – My Lens arrived! And Macro vs. DOF

My new lens arrived this weekend, so I had to test it out. It’s a bit slower to autofocus than my 18-55mm, but the DOF is amazing (and partly why it takes a while to focus). I had no plans for this shoot – I just wanted to hold something small in my hands and test out how shallow the focus could be – hooray for the flowers in our little backyard area as willing volunteers. I will say it was INCREDIBLY hard to focus and then get in front of the camera – so many out of focus shots because I had just fallen out of the range. To make it worse, my hands kept trembling with the flowers so the photo above is a little blurry.

Now if you’re thinking this is macro photography – it’s not. I actually spent a lot of time researching before purchasing this lens because I wasn’t sure if I wanted macro (which would have cost me a pretty penny) or a shallower DOF. To put it simply – macro allows objects to be photographed at the same size or larger than real life (so more tiny things in focus). Shallow DOF means only a very small distance will be in focus while everything else will be out of focus. The effect is similar to what can occur when shooting macro, but I could only get so close to the flowers in my hand before the camera simply couldn’t focus any more. With a macro lens this wouldn’t have been a problem.

Someday I’ll get a macro lens, but for now I’m settling with a macro modifier that will allow me to shoot tiny things by putting some distance between my camera and my lens. I’ll post comparison pictures when it arrives.

One more test photo from Sunday:


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