Didn’t get around to shooting anything on Saturday – I was busy having fun. I think that’s a good reason.

So what did I do instead of taking photos?

1. Spend a lazy morning with the boyfriend

2. Not get raptured (good thing because my 365 is far from finished)

3. Watch “Road House” for the first time (with sexy Swayze and I have to admit it…Sam Elliot was looking nummy too).

4. Watch “Road House” – The Play! (which was incredibly hilarious…still chuckling about it a day later)

I do regret not being able to make it to a local photography meetup. We were going to have a few models and take photos of them in the park, but I wasn’t feeling so well and had a bunch of things to finish around the house first. Maybe next time.


About dream24seven

Designer by day, photographer whenever I have the time.

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