51/365, or I did the T-shirt Dance

Ever since I saw Miranda July’s “The Future” I’ve wanted to do this shoot. I mean, prancing about in a gigantic t-shirt (with your legs through the arm holes and the rest of it pulled up over your head) sounds like my kind of odd, strange fun. I definitely shut the blinds for this one – just in case the nosy neighbors began to wonder about my sanity (I’m sure they already do).

I do wish I had used one of my flashes, because there just wasn’t enough light to capture the motion – although the blur is kind of a nice touch. And moving around blindly makes you very very clumsy. I think I fell over a couple of times and ran into the wall more than twice.

But it was fun. Maybe because I haven’t danced in a long time (I used to be a ballet dancer among other things) and the fact that it was just so damn strange. In fact, I may actually do this again – perhaps with friends. But first I need to find a few 3-10x T-shirts, because the one I bought at Goodwill (it was an XXL) was a little too short and required way too much pulling and gathering of fabric to keep it over my head.

One thing you should know…the shirt dance will make you really really sweaty. I swear the humidity in there made my hair poof.


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Designer by day, photographer whenever I have the time.

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