45/365 – Or, I’ve been bad.

No photos yesterday. I was busy cooking curry, filling Etsy orders and hanging out with the boyfriend. Add my recent back pain and I decided to opt for bed instead of a stint in front of the camera.

On an awesome note though, I have ordered another lens for my Pentax (a well loved *ist DL, in case you’re wondering). I initially considered a 70-300mm zoom/macro lens to complement my main 18-55, but in the end decided on a 35mm 2.4f prime lens (which means it doesn’t zoom). As much as another zoom would be handy for shooting outdoors and long distances, the fact is that I don’t really shoot that way. I like being close up and using natural light. I’m also on the pursuit of better/more awesome bokeh in my photos, which my current lens cannot accomplish without the help of Photoshop.  Something this prime lens promises to do.

One negative in my choice is that it doesn’t shoot macro. It’s not a primary goal, but my love of tiny things has made me think about it more and more. However, I am ordering a toy that promises to let me shoot without a fancy new lens. I’ll do a little review with some test shots once it arrives.

Back to my lazy butt not taking photos, I plan to make up for it by doing two – yes TWO shoots tonight and/or Friday.

We’ll see how that goes.


About dream24seven

Designer by day, photographer whenever I have the time.

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