So after not shooting Sunday (what would be 42/365), I vowed to shoot something awesome. This…was not quite the plan, but I like it. I seriously tried 3-4 different ideas with those Xmas lights until I came up with this one. But it turned out to be more than relevant.

I’ve never considered myself particularly overt when it comes to religion. I was raised Episcopalian but consider myself agnostic (i.e. I believe that something exists, but don’t presume to define it). I appreciate the art, culture and inspiration that has come from religion just as much as creations that have come from more secular places. The older I get the more I think about my faith and what it means. Possibly because I’m getting older. I personally like to take a page out of my dad’s book – explore, question & accept. He’s studied Muslim texts, owns The Book of the Dead and encourages me to debate religion rather than accept it blindly. That’s probably why I have a Jewish best friend – we love debating religion and I appreciate that she invites me to celebrate her holidays with her.

But in the end, I look at religion as another form of magic and folklore helping us understand this crazy world. And I think I’d feel pretty lost without any sort of magic.

(On a less serious note, during the shoot an episode of Family Guy came on – the one where Peter meets Jesus in a record store. Yeah…that one.)


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