It was beautiful today and strange. There was sun and rain – my favorite crazy weather because on days like this my dad used to say: “The Devil and his wife are fighting over the Cou-Cou* stick”. Anyway, it was nice. I spent the morning ogling crafty creations at Crafty Wonderland with my little sister. Then I grabbed my camera and tripod and marched to the cemetery only a few blocks away to shoot this. They have a great, long wall covered in moss – and I wanted to play with DOF. Unfortunately, the more I’ve experimented with this, the more it’s looking like I’ll need a secondary lens to achieve what I want without Photoshop (and yes, I had to do some editing to get the focus I wanted).

*Cou-cou is a Barbadian traditional dish that requires mashing cornmeal and okra with a large wooden stick – also known as a Cou-cou stick. Why the Devil and his wife fought over it and how that caused rain/sun days, I don’t know.


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Designer by day, photographer whenever I have the time.

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