Try. Fail. Try Again.

I’m a perfectionist. Seriously. I blame most of that compulsion on my mother who always told me that I should never be satisfied – never settle – always strive to be “damn good”. From that moment on, I’ve become obsessed with getting things right and feeding my inner critic (who is probably quite fat and happy on my frustrations and f-ups).

Because of this, my 365 project has definitely been a challenge. If I could have it my way, all of my photos would be polished and exactly as I imagined/originally conceived them. The reality is, however, that in order to shoot and post each day I either have to ignore a particular idea, shoot something simple or compromise completely. It’s forced me to realize that much like life, photoshoots don’t always go as planned. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve had complete failures. I’ve felt defeated. But I’ve also had happy accidents and amazing photos that resulted out of last minute decisions, experimentation and a desperate desire to have something to show for that day.

So for once in my life, I’m letting the reigns go and allowing my muse to run free – wild and feral – to take me wherever she wants.

I’m ready.


About dream24seven

Designer by day, photographer whenever I have the time.

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