Still behind on posting, but soooo close to catching up. Yesterday was beautiful and I had to take advantage of the sunlight streaming into the garage. So I lugged my recent purchase – a suitcase from the 40s – down the basement and set up this shoot.

I love the retro feel, but the idea hits close to home. I’ve been so frustrated with my current living situation – it’s been nearly two months of apartment hunting and it’s been  full of its shares of let downs and near successes. I’m ready to move to a bigger place with my boyfriend, cat and current roommate and live happily ever after. Sadly the Universe has decided it’s not time yet. So I’m left in limboland unsure when I will move and putting all housekeeping projects on hold. Sigh. At least I have photography.

And here’s an outtake:

Well I shouldn’t call it an outtake. More like 16/365 part two. This was the original idea I had when I started the shoot, but then I decided to dress up in my awesome wig and flit about in a slip. I’m sure my neighbors were thrilled (I had to uncover the garage windows for more sunlight and definitely saw them walking by – oops!).


About dream24seven

Designer by day, photographer whenever I have the time.

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