This is a day late. I’ve been falling behind with posting because I’ve been busy this weekend! I actually had another set of photos taken for Friday but the natural light died and they turned out terrible. So I had to shoot something new the next day. Yeah, I sort of cheated. However, since I also shot a set for 14/365 later that night, I feel like I did double the work to catch up.

I really want to reconnect with nature lately. I miss being out in the wilderness (the real kind, not the fabricated park kind) and the local parks just aren’t doing it. I also want to get out of my studio more now that the weather is improving. But that means finding a place where I can shoot comfortably without tons of lookie-loos or the risk of being mugged/raped/etc. Today, I think I found that when I returned to Powell Butte Park for an afternoon jaunt with my boyfriend. We were going to try and do an impromptu shoot, but time was not on our side. Instead, I took a lot of scouting photos and enjoyed how wonderful it all was – grasslands, forests, swamp/pond – so many possible settings! It was incredibly beautiful and a great outing. I definitely plan to shoot there this week if the weather is still nice.

Alright. Time for sleep.


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Designer by day, photographer whenever I have the time.

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