Late night last night. Don’t think my head hit the pillow until 3:30am. But here it is, my first levitation! My original plan fell through due to a faulty prop (my own fault for being so cheap), so I threw some fabric remnants on myself, used my imagination and created this instead. A nymph or some force of nature personified. Not happy with my face in this one – I was so tired and frantic (excuses, excuses) – definitely didn’t make Tyra proud (my personal patron saint of modeling).

In general, the day was very serendipitous. Almost like I took “liquid luck” (some HP nerditude for you there). Everything seemed to “happen for a reason” and all come together like pieces of the puzzle (even the disappointing stuff). I visited a beautiful park called Powell Butte way east near 160th for shooting locations (didn’t get to see much, but it had promise so I’ll have to revisit), stalked potential houses with the BF and ended it by chatting over delicious chipotle sweet potato fries with my roomie who also had a similarly magical day.

My luck may have ended around midnight when I was bumbling around in frustration trying to do this shoot, but the results (inspired by a conveniently timed “levitation” photo e-mail from BF) were magical enough.


About dream24seven

Designer by day, photographer whenever I have the time.

One comment

  1. Your face looks good. You know, nymphs get frantic and sweaty sometimes. Maybe your pointed toe is thinking about kicking Stevie Nicks’ album cover to the curb, because this photo is so awesome.

    I love your blog, too! Good work.

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